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A Visit to The Cat Cafe

An excursion is not just a pleasure trip, it enhances the knowledge of the students beyond the four walls of the classroom. To provide an enriching experience to students, during the June School Holidays, Gummy Cove organised a visit to The Cat Cafe.

The students’ visit to The Cat Cafe was highly enjoyed by them. They were mesmerised and took a lot of photos of the cats. Even those who were scared to touch or go near the cats overcame their fear and petted them gently. The students had learned a lot of things about cats; like why do cats scratch, lick themselves, why some cats hide away and preferred not to be touched, etc. They also abide by the rules and regulations of The Cat Cafe to ensure a safe environment for both the cats and the people in the Cafe.

This was a memorable visit for the students as most of them haven’t had the opportunity to pet and play with a cat. Some of them even memorised the names of the cats they met. This visit had ignited their love and care for cats.

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