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The Gummy Approach

At Gummy Education, we believe that a holistic approach based on multiple intelligence to child development would result in better, all-rounded individuals. This allows the child to be capable of empathetic and intellectual reasoning.



With a background of more than 10 years in the academic and enrichment industry, our programs and offerings promise to stimulate your child's interest in a vast array of academic fields, especially in technology, the arts and also, academic excellence.


What is Multiple Intelligence?

Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University, developed The Theory of Multiple Intelligences in 1983. His book, entitled “Frames of Mind”, suggests that intelligence is more than just depending on I.Q. testing. A broad array of evidence proved that a human mind possesses at least seven different forms of intelligence. 

In today's society, knowledge and skill is no longer as highly valued as it used to be, with leadership and empathy being the new "sought-after" skill. That is according to Google's internal research code-named "Project Oxygen"

"Project Oxygen" discovered that hard skills such as in-depth knowledge of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), was ranked the least important quality that makes a good employee.​ Soft skill traits such as being a good mentor, communicating well with others, having empathy towards others and being a good critical problem-solver were ranked among the top seven qualities of a good employee.

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Our Offerings

The Multiple Intelligence Student Care Centre

Designed for students aged 6-14, Gummy Cove is a student care centre enterprise, with a varied curriculum of activities ranging from arts and crafts to sports, coding and robotics. This will allow your child to be exposed to a wide spectrum of skills that would help in their development, to be better future members of society.

The One-Stop Art Enrichment Centre

For the passionate in the arts, Gummy Art provides an avenue for children to explore and experience various forms of art. From oil pastels to drawing, painting and printmaking, our team of experienced fine art practitioners will facilitate your child's journey into the creative side of human nature. 

Breaking frontiers in technology enrichment for children.

From the team that brought to you robokids, Gummy Code is everything a child passionate with computing and technology would wish for. From building LEGO robot models to exploring the world of coding game design with Scratch, the programme promises to enhance the passion and knowledge of your child in the field of IT and Computers.


Training to innovate, adapt and overcome.

Designed by former PE teachers, Gummy Sports focuses on the development of children's knowledge in different sports and how to use that as an advantage to apply them into other aspect of their lives. Children will get to experience the unconventional sports like Archery, Disc Golf, Cricket and so on, preparing them to be ready for sports in time to come.

Ready to embark on a journey with Gummy?

Feel free to e-mail us at for more information.

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