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Nurturing Future Leaders

A Multiple Intelligence Student Care Centre

Designed for students aged 6-12, Gummy Cove is a student care centre enterprise, with a varied curriculum of tuition and activities ranging from arts and crafts to sports, coding and robotics.

Our mission is to nurture and groom future leaders of tomorrow, recognising that each and every student can contribute to society in their own way.

Recognising a child's potential

Each child has their own unique way of learning and understanding the world around them.

They take interest in activities and ideas that amuse their curiosity. Our approach is to recognise their potential and develop them further, enhancing their prowess with the relevant skills.

This will allow the child to be better engaged in learning, knowing that they are in full ownership of their own development.

The Experience

1. Recognition

Each new student at Gummy Cove is given an assessment aimed at highlighting the student's capability in a wide variety of intelligence areas. From the results, our experienced staff can recommend parents the most suitable choice of programmes and activities that are beneficial for the child's development.  

2. Pathways

We offer a wide variety of engaging activities and tuition subjects for parents to choose from.

All components of our Gummy Cove programme are taught by experienced instructors and educators, united in the passion of bringing out the best in each and every child.



Art and Crafts








* - Music Classes are geared towards ABRSM assessment of musical skill.

3. Convenient Learning, All in One Place

Shuttling around different enrichment centres for different classes can be a hassle on

both your time and your wallet. 

At Gummy Cove, all our programmes and activities are conducted within the centre premises, so you don't have to break a sweat in ensuring the best enrichment experience for your child.

What's more, all our programmes are run on weekdays only, which means;

more family time on the weekends!

4. Experience and Care

With our team of experienced student care staff and experienced educators, we strive for excellence in delivering the best enrichment experience.

Our centres are adequately spaced, with amenities such as toilet, meals and homework supervision from our student care staff.

Our day-to-day base programme includes:

  • Homework supervision

  • Lunch

  • Outdoor Activity

  • Choice of one tuition subject and one enrichment activity

Parents may choose to add-on additional activities or tuition subjects.

This one-stop solution for your child's enrichment and student care needs

all comes at a reasonable price.


From $380/month

You can have:

- Quality student care services

- A wide variety of programmes and classes

- Enriching and conducive learning environment

All this, with the added convenience that allows you more family time to spend with your child.



I have always been looking for a good overall after school programme for my kids rather than a 'baby sitting service'. The programme has exceeded all my expectations. My kids are now very exposed to a wide range of multiple intelligence activities like art, robotics, music, writing, sports, communication and leadership skills.


They are much more confident and creative now. In my opinion this everyday programme after school will develop them into successful people next time. The extra cost is worthwhile for the well structured and well taught programmes.

- Mr Tong

Programme Details


1:00pm to 7:00pm (School Days)

7.00am to 7:00pm (School Holidays)

Our Locations


Blk 150 Bishan Street 11


HP: 9108 4116


Jac's Learning Centre

Canberra CC


2 Sembawang Crescent

HP: 9180 9513


Blk 284 Bukit Batok East Ave 3

#02-255 (Above GIANT)

HP: 8779 3738

Limited Vacancies Available!

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