Nurturing Future Leaders

A Multiple Intelligence Student Care Centre

Designed for students aged 6-12, Gummy Cove is a student care centre enterprise,

with a varied curriculum of tuition and enrichment ranging from
arts and crafts to sports, coding and robotics.

Our mission is to nurture and groom future leaders of tomorrow,

recognising that each and every student can contribute to society in their own way.

Our Curriculum

We believe in gifting every child a chance to build his/her multiple intelligence. We not only offer homework supervision, but provide a range of tuition & enrichment classes for parents to choose from. Our programmes are conducted by experienced instructors & educators, dedicated to bringing the best out of every child. 



Each new student at Gummy Cove is given an assessment aimed at highlighting the student's capability in a wide variety of intelligence areas. From the results, our experienced staff can recommend parents the most suitable choice of programmes and activities that are beneficial for the child's development.  


Our  academic tuition include:

1. English

2. Math

3. Science

4. Chinese

Our  enrichment include:

1. Art

2. Coding & Robotics

3. Music (ABRSM)*

4. Sports/Golf*

*Only  available at selected centres


One-Stop Solution

Parents no longer need to send your child to different centres for various lessons. Gummy Cove maximises the precious 4 hours after school by providing tuition & enrichment all under one roof. Travelling time is saved & weekend family time is gained! 


Affordable Pricing

With just $380/month, your child can enjoy quality student care services and a variety of tuition & enrichment classes all under one roof. Save up to $600 a month when you enrol your child with our full range of programmes. 

Enrol with us today!

Programme Details:


School Days:

12.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

School Holiday:

7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Our base package includes:


1. Lunch

2. Homework supervision

3. 1 Enrichment (Art or Coding)

4. 1 Tuition Subject (English, Math,Science) 

Parents may choose to add on other tuition or enrichment for not more than $100.

Parents' Review

 "I chose the programme for my daughter as I find that it offers an even and holistic development.


Not only academic practice is emphasised but during the spare time,  I like how my daughter is introduced to various different activities such as music, coding, robotics and sports. She enjoys them very much.


Overall, I like the all-rounded approach and would recommend the programme for other parents."

- Mdm Della

—  Name, Title

Our Locations

Bukit Batok

Blk 284 Bukit Batok East Ave 3

(Above Giant)


Tel: 8779 3738



60 Punggol East

PAR Golf Driving Range


HP: 8892 2433



2 Sembawang Crescent

Canberra CC


Tel: 9180 9513


Have any further queries on our Gummy Cove Programme? Drop an e-mail to Gummy at

Gummy Art
(Draw & Paint)
Art Bukit Batok
Art Punggol
Art Sembawang
Gummy Cove
(Multiple Intelligence Student Care)
Student Care Bukit Batok
Student Care Punggol
Student Care Sembawang
Gummy Code
(Coding & Robotics)

Robotics Bukit Batok
Robotics Beauty World Centre
Robotics Punggol
Robotics Tampines
Robotics Sembawang
Robotics Malaysia (Kulai)


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