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Nurturing Computational Thinkers

Sparking the passion for next-gen technology

This new digital age has brought forth a great deal of progress and innovation in our everyday life. Harnessing its potential is therefore crucial in adapting ourselves to the challenges of tomorrow. 

At Gummy Code, we provide two pathways for children aged 3 and above to embark on. They are The Young Coder Programme and The Young Explorer Programme.


Our curriculum aim to harness an interest in technology from an early age and they can share their knowledge to their loved ones and friends.

The Young Coder Programme

5 yrs old.png

5 years & up 

Simple coding through robots and games


7 yrs old_Advanced.png

8 years & up

Construct games with scripting & design skills 


7 yrs old_Basic.png

7 years & up

Storytelling with animation & games


9 yrs old.png

9 years & up

Develop functional applications & websites


7 yrs old_Intermediate.png

7 years & up

Build video sensing games with logical thinking


13 yrs old.png

13 years & up

Explore real-world programming 


*Prices stated are for coding only students. Prices differ for student care (Gummy Cove) students.

The Young Explorer Programme

3 years old E.png

3 years & up 

Understanding programming through tangible play


7 years old - E-1.png

7 years & up

Design & construct interactive robot models


5 yrs old - E.png

5 years & up

Simple coding through robots & games


9 years old - E.png

9 years & up

Apply text-based coding to build complex models


6 years old - E.png

6 years & up

Nurture creativity & logical thinking for robotics


10 years old - E.png

10 years & up

Acquire scientific knowledge with
electronic building


*Prices stated are for coding only students. Prices differ for student care (Gummy Cove) students.

Our Locations


2 Sembawang Crescent

Canberra CC


Tel: 9180 9513


Jurong West

517 Jurong West Street 52

#01-99/101 (2nd floor)

Tel: 9108 4116



60 Punggol East

PAR Golf Driving Range


HP: 8892 2433


Kulai (Johor)

16B Jalan Sri Putra 1

Bandar Putra

81000 Kulai

HP: +60 11 63788581


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