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Revolutionise Education With Us

With over 10 years of experience in the education industry, we constantly search for new and innovative ways in making programs that are relevant to today's ever-growing challenges.

From niche developmental programs such as coding & robotics to multiple intelligence student care services, we have something to offer each and every child a unique educational experience.


Our track record includes the successful running of our multiple intelligence programs in Sembawang for the year 2018 as well as junior robotics, coding and art enrichment classes. We take pride in engaging all our students with our A-STEM approach to education, targeting both artistic and logical aspect of the child's development.


We look forward to having you onboard our quest in revolutionising education.

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Our Franchising Opportunities

Multiple Intelligece Student Care

Multiple Intelligence

Student Care

Ages 6 - 12

Our story began from a conversation amongst a group of teachers, discussing the theory of multiple intelligence and its relevance in society.

From our experience, we have observed that the curriculum offered by most student care centres either provide only homework supervision and basic care, or focus heavily on the student’s academic development.

Gummy Cove is set up to provide a more holistic approach to student care, offering a wide range of activities from sports, music, coding and art, to supplementing the student’s academic development with tuition.

Our curriculum is designed to provide a balanced, all-round development of the child’s multiple intelligence - Art Smart, Body Smart, Logic Smart, Music Smart, Nature Smart, People Smart, Self Smart and Word Smart.

From a small centre with 5 students, we have since expanded to 20 students within 18 months of operations, proving how effective and popular our Gummy Cove concept is to the community.

A Hybrid of Artistic, Logical and Holistic Enrichment

Art Enrichment Programmes

Nurturing balanced, all-rounded thinkers

The A-STEM approach represents the combination of Arts, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in education curricula for child development. 


An exposure of both artistic and logical skills aids the child towards a better understanding of abstract concepts, which fosters better decision-making skills and a more holistic development.


Franchisees can benefit from offering a diverse variety of classes and activities to the community with guidance from our experienced team of education entrepreneurs and trainers.


We also offer set-up consultation to operational start-up mentorship during the first few months of operations, all to ensure the best quality of service to the community.

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