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Gummy Humanities Tuition


2 Sembawang Crescent #02-04
Canberra CC Singapore 757632

Tel: 9180 9513

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from  $300/month

(Rate based on 4 sessions/month)

At Gummy Humanities, we strive to provide the best enrichment and learning strategies for our students to better understand and appreciate the subject matter. 

From practicing essay questions to looking out for key words and understanding the marking rubric, we have a proven track record of students achieving great improvements in their grades in past O Level years.

Our Past Students


Elective Geography/Social Studies



O Levels

Duration: 3 months

O Level Year: 2017


Yixiang, Sec 4

Took O Levels in 2017

I had tuition with Mr Tong for only about 12 sessions and my grades improved tremendously, from C6 in prelims to A1 in O-levels.


His lessons are fun and his teaching methods are great such as getting me to use code words to memorise the points. Him predicting the exam questions allowed me to select topics which I am better in and focus on them mainly.


He also helped me to manage my time in exam by giving me timed practices. Overall, his explanations were clear and easy to understand. Thank you Mr Tong.


I'm really grateful to have Mr Tong as my girl core Geo tutor!


My gal was getting F9s in school and with Mr Tong's teaching and guidance, my girl was able to get A2 in her O Level within 2 1/2 months tuition.


I thank you Mr Tong for giving my girl confidence in the subject and preparing her well for the examination.          

Mrs Tan

Mother of Cheyenne, Sec 4


Mrs Leong

Mother of Shannon, Sec 4

My daughter started her geography and social studies tuition with Mr Tong one year before her O Levels.


Her grades for both subjects were consistently at F9 until prelim. Mr Tong was very patient and helpful with all the topics she was unclear with and he was confident that he could help her do well for her o levels despite the odds.


He would write out model essays in order for her to better understand the proper method to write her essays. Furthermore, he would willingly provide extra lessons before tests and exams despite his packed schedule.


We are very appreciative that his faith in my daughter has led to her achieving A2 in her O Levels for her combined humanities. 


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