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Nurturing Computational Thinkers

From the team that brought to you robokids, Gummy Code Junior is everything a child passionate with computing and technology would wish for. Our programmes are designed to stimulate the child's interest in technology using various hands-on activities in coding and various robot models.


Our workshops and programmes ranges from the following:

  • Basic LEGO Robotics (WeDo 1.0/WeDo 2.0)

  • Python/CSS Coding

  • Coding game design with Scratch.

  • Micro:bit Coding (Coming Soon!)

  • Solar Models (Coming Soon!)

  • ozobot Coding (Coming Soon!)


All our Gummy Code Junior programmes are conducted by trained and experienced instructors for kids aged 5 and above.

We promise to engage your child in the passion and knowledge of IT, Computers and Coding.

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