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June Joy: What the students have been up to during their June Holidays

A recap of the students’ June holiday activities.

Gummy students' group photo
Gummy students' group photo during school holidays

The long-awaited June holidays have finally arrived, and our students’ spirits are back up, with more energy than ever! After the past few tiring months of endless assignments and homework to complete, they were finally able to take a breather and regain their spirit before the start of the next school term. During this period, we have prepared a few activities for our students to de-stress and develop their creativity. 

For their first activity, the students did prata-making. With limited number of cooking pans and cooking stove, the students had to take turns to cook. This taught them how to be patient while waiting for their turn to cook their own prata, as well as when they had to wait to flip their prata. After which, they were allowed to pick their own choice of toppings. There were fresh fruits such as bananas, and various spreads such as peanut butter and kaya. The students simply could not wait to eat the prata they had made themselves!

The second activity the students had was an English Cube Competition, which riled up their competitive spirit. 

The children were cheering for their friends, concentrating on the game when it was their turn, and looking forward to the emerging winners of the competition. It was heart-warming to see those who had no experience at the game try it out and enjoy it at the end, as well as the children who showcased empathy by comforting their friends who lost the game.

Student making an object using beads
Gummy students using beads to make an object

On the second week of June, the students had such a great time doing their Fuse Beads project. They had to use very small beads (of about 5mm each) to create an image, which the teacher would place under heat with an iron for the beads to melt and fuse together. Of course, we ensured that the activity was conducted safely and that the heat source wasn’t within the children’s reach.

The children had so much fun doing the fuse beads project that they even requested to do the same activity the next day, which we gladly agreed to the idea!

A Gummy student making his own recycled outfit
A Gummy student making his own recycled outfit

 The last activity we had planned for the children was a recycled runway project. They had to dress one of their group member up with the theme “Bee” within an hour. 

Amidst the arguments and chaos, the children learnt how to communicate and cooperate with each other on a deeper level, and managed to reach a consensus regarding their ideas, eventually finishing the task that was assigned to them. 

At the end of each of their runway walk, they were given a surprise Spelling Bee Quiz as well, which played a part in determining their rankings for the runway project.

Overall, the highly anticipated activities for the middle two weeks of the June holidays had been a great success! The children went home with a new set of artistic and communicative skills, on top of their own rewards from their projects. 

Additionally, these activities could only be carried out thanks to the teachers of Gummy Cove, who planned and came together to facilitate the activities. We would like to thank Mr. Lim for approving the programs and the budgets at lightning speed. This gave us ample time to gather all the materials that were needed for all the programs.

As Gummy believes that a holistic approach is crucial for a child’s development, the activities we planned ensured that the students had fun while acquiring a new set of skills at the same time. 

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